Adrienne Winkelmann

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12 O'Connell Street

Adrienne Winkelmann rivals Zambesi as the longest established contemporary fashion designer in Auckland launching her label and opening a boutique in Mayfair Mall off Queen St in 1978. She moved to sharp new premises in the recently opened Commercial Union Building Arcade at the top of Vulcan Lane in 1984 and today continues to operate a successful couture business from her shop in Chancery, on Courthouse Lane.

In contrast to Liz Findlay, who learnt her skills on the job, Adrienne trained in apparel technology and business at ATI, Auckland Technical Institute (now known as AUT). Her talent for creating bold, modern, tailored classics was quickly recognised and she became an editorial favourite whose designs appeared regularly in magazines at both ends of the fashion spectrum from the glossy high end Fashion Quarterly to the free streetstyle broadsheet ChaCha.

Adrienne’s continuing ability to span social divides was illustrated recently when her jackets became the subject of a spat in Parliament. Metiria Turei, co leader of the Green Party was called out by National Government minister Chris Finlayson for lecturing National on social justice while "resplendent in her Adrienne Winkelmann jackets”, and Judith Collins called her a "sanctimonious hypocrite" in an "ugly" jacket, adding that "She could sell a jacket and feed a child for a year. "

Ironically Judith Collins, along with Hekia Parata and the then Prime Minister's wife, Bronagh Key, have all been customers of Adrienne Winkelmann.

Read more at http://www.nzfashionmuseum.org.nz/adrienne-winkelmann/

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