Limited Editions by Trelise Cooper

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20 High Street

Trelise Cooper started out in fashion in the early 1980s without formal training but with a clear eye and an ability to visualise and realise fashionable garments with wide appeal.

Without a home sewing background and having never learnt to sew herself, she faced some steep challenges when she opened her own boutique, Limited Editions by Trelise Cooper, at 20 High Street, Auckland in 1985.

Her take on smart modern classics quickly gained a strong following among successful young working women like herself and her popularity was further enhanced when her garments were chosen to be worn by the glamorous characters in local drama series Gloss, a soap opera set in the offices of a fictitious fashion magazine.

This rapid success allowed her to establish her own workroom opposite the shop as well as opening a second shop in Wellington. It was a boom time in the local fashion market with a dense social calendar of glamorous events and a prosperous speculative economy to fuel it.

When the stock market crashed in 1987 it decimated her customer base making her future prospects look less than bright. Trelise decided to close her shops. Butterfly-like she emerged again in 1997 - this time without Limited Editions. In the 20 years since, she has built a huge local and international audience for her romantic and feminine design aesthetic and has become one of the few household names in New Zealand fashion.

Read more at www.nzfashionmuseum.org.nz/trelise-cooper

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