Former Mt Roskill Fire Station (private residence, do not enter)

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It was during the early 1900s, in the years of rapid development in the Three Kings district, that a dedicated volunteer fire brigade was first proposed for the area. However, the idea never eventuated.

It wasn’t until several years later that the proposal was again raised by local residents. A small fire had broken out in a cowshed at the Ranfurly Veterans’ Home on Mt Albert Road, and no help was available. Even the nearby district fire brigades refused to assist. The incident provoked yet another public appeal to the Mt Roskill Road Board, which refused on the basis of insufficient funds. Instead, the Road Board began working on an agreement with the nearby Mt Eden Borough Council and Onehunga fire brigades to respond to call-outs in the western and eastern parts of the Mt Roskill district, respectively. This arrangement commenced and the district relied on fire support from their neighbouring districts for several years.

In late 1925, the Mt Roskill Road Board confirmed that it was time for a fire station to be built in the district. The road board appealed to ratepayers for a loan proposal for the project. By August 1926, a Mt Roskill Fire Board was formed and in October the same year they began the process of planning for the district’s first fire station.

The Mt Roskill Fire Station was designed by Gerald E Jones and Arthur Palmer and constructed in 1927 at a cost of £3111. It was opened on 10 December 1927 by Sir Maui Pomare, who at the time was the acting Minister of Internal Affairs.

The generous ground floor of the station accommodated two fire engines, and the gates were ‘fitted with modern automatic trip-action releases’. In the upper floor was a social space with a board room and mess rooms. Living and sleeping accommodation were provided for the officer in charge and two firemen. Alterations were made to the living area in 1959, and there is evidence of an earlier extension to this part of the building. At the time Mt Roskill had a total approximate area of 5000 acres, with around 5000 residents, in 1900 houses.

In 1970 the property was subdivided by the Auckland Metropolitan Fire Board, leaving less than half of the original site. By 1980, the station also served as the district’s ambulance base.

On 11 September 2009, a new $4.9 million station was opened on Dominion Road, and the old station was put on the market in April 2011.

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